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Your UI-IEEE Executive Committee

The management of the affairs of the Branch lies in the hands of the Executive Committee, consisting of the duly elected officers and Counselor of the Branch.  The Executive Committee of the Branch has the power to levy special assessments upon endorsement by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting at a meeting which was publicly announced three days in advance. The officers of the Branch are a Chair, a Vice-Chair, a Treasurer, a Secretary, a Publicity Manager / Webmaster, and an Activities Manager. In addition, every two years the branch nominates a faculty member to be the Branch's Counselor.

Troy Ledford - Student Branch Chair

The Chair is responsible for the overall management of all Branch affairs. The Chair should take every opportunity to promote the benefits of IEEE membership to fellow students. Some specific duties of the Branch Chair include:

  1. Preside at all meetings of the Branch.
  2. Hold regular meetings of the Branch Executive Committee and serve as Chair.
  3. Appoint Program, Publicity and Membership committee Chairs promptly.
  4. Prepare the necessary reports for IEEE Student Services.
    • Annual Plan - 1 November
    • Annual Report - 1 May
  5. Arrange for the election of new Officers annually
  6. Ensure smooth transition of information and materials to newly elected Officers and arrange an orderly transfer of Branch records.
  7. Work with and coordinate some activities with Section and Region Officers.
  8. Communicate frequently with other Branch Officers, particularly during the summer months when you are not at school.

Tom Haney - Vice Chair

The Student Branch Vice-Chair is the junior Executive Officer of the Branch. They help the Branch Chair with the workload, oversee some of the subcommittees, and manage the annual program of activities. Some of their duties include:

  1. Chair the Program and Membership Committees.
  2. Organize field trips or special events beyond regular program efforts.
  3. Arrange for refreshments at Branch meetings.
  4. Assist the Chair in following up on assigned committee responsibilities.
  5. Perform all functions of Chair in the latter's absence or upon request.

Tom Haney - Secretary

As many Student Branches have been around for many years, it is easy to waste time and effort on projects previously proven unsuccessful, when accurate and informative records are not kept. For this reason, the Secretary has an important and exacting task. In addition to maintaining all Branch records and supplies, some specific duties include:

  1. Submit the Newly Elected Student Officer Reporting Form to IEEE Student Services.
  2. Keep detailed records of each Branch meeting.
  3. Maintain the Branch membership roster and committee assignments list.
  4. Be responsible for all Branch correspondence.
  5. Post a calendar of events.
  6. Assist the Chair to ensure that Branch activities are conducted under the provisions of the current Branch Constitution and Bylaws.

David Barry - Treasure

The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the financial accounts of the Branch. Since final approval of a project may depend on the finances available, it is imperative that all records be kept current and as accurate as possible. The specific duties of the Treasurer include:

  1. Maintain the appropriate Branch accounts. The bank account should be an interest bearing requiring two signatures.
  2. Prepare an annual budget for inclusion in the Annual Plan of Activities report.
  3. Prepare the final Financial Statement for inclusion in the Annual Report of Activities.
  4. Oversee all fund-raising efforts.
  5. Arrange for an orderly transfer of all Branch financial records to the incoming Treasurer.

Gary Wang - Programming (Speakers & Workshops)

The Programming chair in charge of social and guest lecture events.

Hang Li - Media Chair

Maintain social medias, duty includes:

  1. Maintain Facebook fan page.
  2. Update University of Idaho IEEE website.
  3. Photograph memorable events held by IEEE.
  4. Share photographs of memorable events held by IEEE.

James Wilson - Recruitment Chair

Bring new people to the group.

Kerri McGinty - Student Advisor (Past Pres.)

The Student Advisor guides the organization using past experince as chair.

Branch Counsellor - Dr. Brian Johnson

The Branch Counsellor is a University faculty member, active in the IEEE, who serves as an advisor to the Branch and its student Officers. As the Officers usually change annually the Counsellor lends a sense of continuity to Branch affairs. As such, the Branch Counsellor is a key individual whose participation is vital to the success of a Branch.

The Branch Counsellor is appointed by the local Section Chair, upon the recommendation of the Student Members of the Branch and the Regional SAC Chair (RSAC), and serves with the approval of the Department Head. The appointment (or re-appointment) is normally for two years, commencing July 1. Some specific duties of the Counsellor include:

  1. Ensure that information from IEEE Headquarters is transmitted to the student Officers.
  2. Attend Executive Committee meetings and assist Branch Committees.
  3. Participate in Regional Activities Committee meetings.
  4. Consult with the Section SAC Chair, Regional SAC Chair or Region Director about Branch activities or problems.
  5. Promote online student application and renewal
  6. Foster good relations with the local Section and encourage students to establish regular liaison with the Section SAC Chair.
  7. Promote student awareness of awards, contests and benefits of membership.
  8. Establish industrial contacts for Branch programs and activities.
  9. Interest other faculty members in the activities of the Branch.

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