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Polar Coordinates in Mathcad—The files below describe how to create and use polar coordinate notation in Mathcad; a useful tool for power system analysis.

Acrobat File   Mathcad 15 file

Mathcad 15 uses a .xmcd file type, which is an .xml file. Internet Explorer will recognize the .xml file type and open the .xmcd file in a browser window if you just click on the link. To open the Mathcad 15 file in Mathcad, right-click the link above, select “Save Target As…” and save the file to your computer with a .xmcd extension.

Other useful links

PQ teaching toy from Power Standards Lab.

Power Factor Teaching Tool is an Excel spreadsheet I developed to help people understand power factor. You may use this as needed for educational purposes.

Steven W. Smith, Ph.D.’s excellent book on Digital Signal Processing is available online or for order by clicking this link.

The Dranetz website has case studies, technical documents, and other information available for download. See their Power Quality FAQs, Technical Documents, Technical tips and case studies.

Some useful information on the selection of Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) can be found in the Littelfuse applicaton note EC638

The IEEE paper Interharmonics in Power Systems is available by clicking this link.

The Sandia report Development and testing of an Approach to Anti-Islanding in Utility-Interconnected Photovoltaic Systems is available by clicking this link.

Some information on the impact of a generator's winding pitch on harmonics can be found in the notes on coil pitch in an AC armature winding at, a generator retailer.

The Siemens Technical Education Program (STEP) offers some useful self-paced training on a variety of electrical power system topics.

Siemens' STEP training book section on Basics of Control Components provides an overview of industrial control systems.

Siemens' STEP training book section on Basics of PLCs provides an overview of Programmable Logic Controllers.

Eaton's booklet Power Factor Correction a guide for the plant engineer.